Tubal Reversal

If you’ve had a tubal ligation in the past as a permanent method of birth control but now wish to become pregnant, Conceive Fertility Center can help. This Irving, Texas, fertility clinic, offers same-day tubal reversal procedures. By repairing the disconnected or damaged portions of your fallopian tubes, you can increase your chances for achieving successful fertilization and a healthy pregnancy. Find out if tubal reversal is right for you by calling Conceive Fertility Center today or request an appointment online with the fertility specialists now.

Tubal Reversal Q & A

What is tubal reversal?

Tubal reversal is a procedure to reverse a previous tubal ligation to increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

This treatment is an effective and affordable option if you change your mind about having children following tubal ligation, a procedure where areas of your fallopian tubes are destroyed or blocked to prevent eggs from being fertilized by sperm.

Conceive Fertility Center is highly experienced in reproductive surgeries, like tubal reversals, to meet your family planning and reproductive health needs.

What does a tubal reversal involve?

Conceive Fertility Center uses minimally invasive techniques to complete a tubal reversal procedure. You can expect this outpatient surgery to last for 1-2 hours, and after your recovery in the post-op area you go home to rest the same day.

Conceive Fertility Center doctors typically make a 2-3-inch incision at the top of your bikini hairline. Through this small incision, your surgeon inserts specialized instruments to open and reconnect portions of the fallopian tubes that were previously disconnected or destroyed during your tubal ligation.

Your Conceive Fertility Center surgeon may also choose to use laparoscopic techniques, inserting specialized surgical instruments with a camera through a tiny incision in your belly button. The camera sends closeup images of your reproductive organs to an external monitor your surgeon watches during your procedure. This technique may be necessary if you have existing health issues, like pelvic inflammatory disease, or a history of multiple cesarean sections (C-sections) or other abdominal surgeries.

During the reversal procedure, your surgeon repairs the fallopian tubes and also removes any scar tissue to further increase your chances of achieving a pregnancy.

How effective is a tubal reversal procedure?

A tubal reversal is a highly effective procedure, with average pregnancy rates in the 60-70% range. The rate of a successful pregnancy is even higher in younger women but ultimately depends on your overall health, additional fertility issues, and the type of tubal ligation procedure you had in the past.

While many tubal ligations can be successfully and fully reversed, in some cases, Conceive Fertility Center surgeons are only able to repair one tube. In this situation, your rate for a successful pregnancy still remains high, but it may take you longer to become pregnant.

To discuss your options for tubal reversal, schedule a consultation with the fertility experts at Conceive Fertility Center today by calling the office or by booking an appointment online now.

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