Affordable Fertility Treatments

Welcome to Conceive Fertility Center, where we believe in making fertility treatments accessible and affordable to everyone. Patient evaluation and tests are generally covered by most insurance plans, however few plans cover fertility treatments. For those who do not have insurance coverage for our services, we have designed comprehensive and clear a la carte pricing as well as packages that are straightforward and competitive. At Conceive you will find transparent pricing on our website that is often lower than that of many other providers, as we are committed to providing high quality fertility care with a transparent pricing policy to avoid hidden costs, surprises, and further financial strain.

Popular Services

IVF Cycle: Under $10,000


  • One Egg Retrieval
  • Physician Management
  • Monitoring Sonograms
  • IVF Lab Fees
  • Anesthesia Fees

*see exclusions below

Mini Stim IVF (Double IVF): $17,400


  • Two Egg Retrievals
  • Physician Management
  • Monitoring Sonograms
  • IVF Lab Fees
  • Anesthesia Fees

*see exclusions below

Egg Freezing: $6700


  • Physician Management
  • Monitoring Sonograms
  • Egg Retrieval
  • IVF Lab Fees
  • Anesthesia Fees

**see exclusions below

Tubal Reversal Surgery: $8310


  • Physician Fees
  • Surgical Center Fees
  • Anesthesia Fees
  • Post Operative Visit

***see exclusions below

For more information on financing options and insurance coverage, please visit our Financing Options and Insurance Coverage pages.

Other Services

Many insurance plans will cover diagnostic testing. This pricing reflects plans which do NOT have coverage for these services.

New Patient Visit: $300

Semen Analysis: $150

Sonohysterogram (HSO): $400

Hysterosalpingogram (HSG): $350

At Conceive Fertility Center, we are dedicated to making your journey to parenthood as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our competitive self-pay options are part of our commitment to providing affordable, high-quality fertility care. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your fertility journey.

Get more info at: (214) 224-0778

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions at Conceive Fertility Center. We are constantly adding most asked question to this page so if you have a question and don’t see your answer, don’t hesitate to email us at

  Self-pay refers to paying for fertility treatments out-of-pocket without insurance coverage. This option is ideal for individuals who either lack insurance or whose plans do not cover fertility treatments.

   Our services are priced competitively, often lower than other fertility centers. We focus on making treatments more accessible while maintaining high standards of care.

Yes, there are various financing options to make treatments manageable. Visit our Financing Options page for detailed information.

 Absolutely! There are third party financing companies that offer flexible payment plans to ease the financial burden. Our team can work with you to find a plan that suits your budget.

We accept various payment methods including cash, credit and debit cards.

Consultation fees may or may not be included in the self-pay package, depending on the specific treatment plan chosen.

Need More Information?

Our team is here to help with any questions you may have about our services, pricing, or financial options. Contact us at [Contact Information] or schedule a consultation to discuss your individual needs and how we can assist you.

Remember, at Conceive Fertility Center, your dream of parenthood is our mission. Let’s make it a reality together.

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* Does not include: Testing prior to IVF cycle, medication costs, freezing and storage of embryos at IVF lab, any procedures outside the IVF cycle, embryo transfer cycle, genetic testing of the embryos

**Does not include: Testing prior to freezing cycle, medication costs, storage of eggs at IVF lab, any procedures outside the IVF cycle

***Does not include testing prior to surgery.   There are additional fees for longer procedures or for additional procedures (like laparoscopy) that are determined by your physician.  

Medications costs for a typical IVF cycle can range from $3000 to $6000.

Medication costs for a typical mini stim IVF cycle are approximately $2500.

Medication costs for a typical FET cycle are under $500.

Prior to any treatment cycle start, you will have a detailed visit with one of our financial counselors.  All fees are estimates and subject to change without prior notice.  

Conceive Fertility Center offers financing options.

Conceive Fertility Center is contracted with many insurance plans and will bill insurance for services once coverage has been verified.  Many insurance plans will cover diagnostic testing but exclude treatments such as IUI or IVF.  This pricing is for those who do NOT have coverage for these services. 

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