Egg Donation

If you have fertility problems due to low egg quantity or quality, Conceive Fertility Center in Irving, Texas, offers egg donation services to help you grow your family. All egg donors are carefully vetted to increase your chances of a successful pregnancy and healthy baby. Call Conceive Fertility Center or schedule a consultation online today for compassionate, expert fertility services, including egg donation.

Egg Donation Q & A

What is egg donation?

Egg donation is a fertility treatment in which you use eggs from a donor instead of your own. A friend or family member may donate her eggs, or you could opt for an anonymous donor found through a donor agency. All donors, regardless of whether or not they’re known to you, go through the same rigorous screening process. 

Conceive Fertility Center has no control over the costs or compensation provided to the egg donor, agency, legal counsel, or any other involved agency. You can have a contract to absolve the egg donor of all parental rights and responsibilities.

Am I a good candidate for egg donation?

You may need donor eggs for a variety of reasons. Conceive Fertility Center offers egg donation services if:

  • You have severely diminished ovarian reserves
  • You have premature ovarian failure
  • You’ve had your ovaries removed
  • You’re a cancer survivor with diminished egg reserves
  • You’ve had failed IVF procedures with your eggs

Conceive Fertility Center also offers egg donation services for male same-sex couples. Conceive Fertility Center recognizes the universality of the desire to have children and supports single men, women, and same-sex couples on their journey toward parenthood.

What are the requirements for egg donors?

Achieving the best success rates for egg donation is with donors aged 21-30. Egg donors go through an intensive screening process, including physical and psychological exams, infectious disease screening, and a thorough questionnaire about her personal and family medical history.

What is the process of using donor eggs?

After you select your egg donor, she begins taking medication to stimulate ovulation, so her ovaries release more than one egg during a cycle. The donor’s ovaries are monitored with ultrasound to identify the optimal time to harvest the eggs.

If you’re a woman who is using donor eggs, you take hormones at the same time to sync your cycle with the donor to ensure that you’re at the optimal time for implantation when the donor eggs are harvested and fertilized.

After collecting the donor eggs, the male parent provides a sperm sample which is used to fertilize the donor eggs in an IVF procedure. Then, your specialist places the fertilized eggs into your uterus or a surrogate. In 10 days, you take a pregnancy test to determine if the implantation was successful.

If you’re concerned about your fertility and are considering using donor eggs, call Conceive Fertility Center, or make an appointment online today for expert fertility services.

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