Donor Eggs

Some women or couples may find that the only remaining treatment available to them is the use of donor eggs (eggs donated from another woman). The egg donor can be either known or anonymous. A known egg donor is typically a friend or relative of the patient who has generously volunteered to give away some of her eggs. An anonymous egg donor is typically found through an egg donor agency. Regardless of circumstances, all egg donors go through the same strict screening process: questionnaire, physical exam, psychological exam, and infectious disease screening. The best success rates for egg donor IVF are found with the younger egg donors (age 30 or less). The embryos created from the IVF cycle are eventually transferred to the uterus of the intended female parent. A surrogate may also be used to carry the pregnancy.

Situations where an egg donor would be needed include:
  • Women with severe diminished ovarian reserve (DOR) or premature ovarian failure (POF)
  • Women who have had both ovaries removed
  • Cancer survivors whose egg reserve was diminished due to cancer treatments
  • Women/couples who have multiple previous IVF failures
  • Male same sex couple
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